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As a leading health and wellness company, we are singularly focused on making
sun protection easy to use, easily accessible and affordable.

At Sun ProTec Systems, we believe in providing affordable, portable UV protection, while minimizing the environmental impact of our products. We use recycled materials and provide our clients with only the highest quality products, including FDA certified sunscreen. Simply put, Sun Protec Systems Spray Stations are a highly effective way to deliver invaluable UV protection to your customers.

Today, 1 in 5 people in the United States alone will develop some form of skin cancer. Every year, more new skin cancer cases are reported than the combined incidence of breast, prostate, lung and colon cancers. As a leading health and wellness company, Sun ProTec Systems is out to help change that trend by providing the world’s most advanced method for delivering on site, on demand sun protection.

How Does The Sun See Your Customers?

We all know that outdoor activities are not only essential to overall health and wellness, but are also some of the most enjoyable activities that we can engage in. That said, it is equally important to remember that extended amounts of exposure to the sun without proper protection can negatively impact our health. Sun ProTec Systems has developed the perfect solution for outdoor based business owners that can provide 100% UV protection for visitors, customers and employees alike. By making our system available, we can enable these businesses and organizations in their efforts to mitigate the potential dangers of prolonged, unprotected sun exposure.

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The Sun ProTec
Spray Station

By tackling the issue of UV exposure in a focused, holistic manner, we have arrived at a solution that is as effective as it is elegant. With this new product, customers, employees and business owners alike can enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that their daily outdoor activities will not put them at risk for harmful UV exposure. 

Until now, people traditionally either provide their own sunscreen, or buy it retail on site, which can be expensive. Unfortunately, many people simply forget and go unprotected altogether.

Sun ProTec Systems is pleased to introduce a revolutionary product that changes everything. Effective,fast,convenient and mess-free,the Sun ProTec Systems Spray Station transcends traditional sunscreen by offering touch-free on site, on demand sun protection.

Sun ProTec Systems believes that UV protection can no longer simply be an after thought while preparing for outdoor activities, but rather, a readily available option for all. In an effort to protect these patrons and employee’s, Sun ProTec Systems offers several programs designed to make spray station placement as easy as possible.

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